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We’re a global team, dedicated to developing a comprehensive suite of enterprise crypto finance operations tools for a world where crypto adoption is growing rapidly

500+ startups and brands
trust Cpaytoday

500+ startups and brands
trust Cpaytoday

Serge Sigal

CEO & Founder

Mike Fomin

CTO, Co-founder

Vlad Talan

COO, Co-founder

Vlad Tsukanov


Diana Ramonez

Marketing Director

Alex Wright

Account Executive

Dmitriy Vazhen

Product Manager

Bota Kanatbay

UX/UI Designer

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Chris M.


“Other solutions we saw didn’t have all the functionalities we needed, like sending salaries by lists, transaction notifications, auto-generation of invoices. Only Cpaytoday did.”

Jane L.

Operations Manager at Wind4Tune

“We love using Cpaytoday because it just makes the whole payroll process more efficient for all the parties involved while ensuring the accounting compliance set by our auditors.”

Darina B.

COO at Etage

“Cpaytoday makes it easy for our accountants to manage our crypto payments, simplifies payroll in crypto for our team with thoughtful features like the ability to pay multiple crypto invoices at once.”